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Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation LIBC Employment Verification Forms

December, 01, 2021

What is LIBC employment verification form? For Pennsylvania workers’ compensation workers, it is important to fill the employment verification forms right. In today’s podcast, Michael Cardamone, President of Cardamone Law, LLC, explains the importance of LIBC employment verification forms.

Social Media and Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

November, 02, 2021

Listen to Michael W. Cardamone, President of Cardamone Law, LLC, a unique Work Comp boutique firm for injured workers, speak about Social Media and Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation cases.

Pennsylvania Work Comp Vocational Earning Assessment/Labor Market Survey

September, 7, 2021

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation in Plain English for Injured Workers. (Note: Cardamone Law University/CLU is a nickname for our law firm’s podcast series- it is not a University or College/School.

Independent Medical Exams in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation cases

August, 30, 2021

Pennsylvania’s leading Workers’ Compensation Attorney, Michael Cardamone explains the importance of independent medical exams in PA Work comp cases. Listen to the podcast!

What Does Supersedeas Mean in Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation?

August, 20, 2021

An explanation of Supersedeas in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation from one of Pennsylvania’s top Work Comp Attorneys, Michael W. Cardamone from Cardamone Law, LLC

Pain and Suffering and Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation

July, 26, 2021

Listen to Attorney Michael Cardamone explain the pain and suffering damages and compensation for Pennsylvania Workers.

Cardamone Law Winter 2021 Update

January, 22, 2021

Tune in to hear hosts Thomas Smallwood and Michael Cardamone discuss news about Cardamone Law- a unique Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Firm for Injured Workers.

Cardamone Law University

Sept 4, 2020

Getting to Know Michael W. Cardamone on a personal level

Cardamone Law University

July, 31, 2010

Brain Injuries and The Brain Injury Legal Team

Cardamone Law University

June, 16, 2020

Pennsylvania Work Comp Settlements.

Cardamone Law University

April, 25, 2020

Pennsylvania Work Comp Procedures in context of Coronavirus Case.


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