5 Things To Do Immediately After A Workplace Accident

Here are 5 things you can do right after a workplace accident to ensure that you get the maximum Pennsylvania workers' compensation benefit:

  • Seek medical care

    Seek medical

    Seek medical attention right away. Even if the injury seems minor now, if left untreated, it may turn into a serious problem. So, call 911 or rush to the ER.

  • Notify your employer

    Notify your

    Notify your supervisor/manager immediately. For your workers’ compensation process to start, notifying your employer is the necessary first step.

  • Document your injury

    Document your

    Note down all the relevant details surrounding the incident. Names of witnesses and doctors, medicines prescribed, how the injury happened, severity of pain, and others.

  • Contact an attorney

    Contact an

    Get in touch with an experienced Allentown injury lawyer who can prepare a successful legal strategy and protect your rights as an injured worker.

  • Focus on getting better

    Focus on getting

    When you hire the right work comp lawyer, you and your family can focus on more important matters, such as taking care of your healing, and getting better.

Serving The Workers Of Allentown

The workers in Allentown are a diverse, hardworking, and resilient pool of workforce. Spread over industries as varied as healthcare, trade and transportation, and manufacturing, the workers in Allentown are the backbone behind the city’s economic transformation.

As one of the most prominent workers’ compensation lawyers in Allentown PA, we are proud to serve you and defend your rights. We know the city’s workforce and have seen the numbers where our diligent workers are harshly underrepresented in the PA workers compensation system.

We are here to make that right. If you, a coworker, or a loved one has been in a workplace accident, hire Cardamone Law to support your claim.

How Is Work-Related Injury Different To Personal Injury

The major difference between these two is the question of who’s at fault. As an injured worker, you’re entitled to receive workers’ compensation even if you are at fault for the injury, since the premise is that you won’t be injured if you weren’t on the job.

However, for personal injury law to come into place, someone has to be responsible/liable for the injury.

Yet, both these laws can be enacted at the same time when your work-related injury happens because of a third party, such as a manufacturer who has created a defective product that resulted in your injury at work.

A meticulous Allentown personal injury lawyer can help you determine if you have a third-party personal injury claim along with your work injury claim.



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