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Who’s The Best Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorney For Injured Workers?

The answer is different for everyone. Every injured worker has a unique personality and life experiences that draw them to certain attorneys. I would respectfully suggest that the following be strongly considered:

Experience– Does the attorney have five or more years under his/her belt so that you can have confidence that they have mastered the subject material and complexities of Pennsylvania Work Comp Law? Do they do other types of law besides work comp or do they solely focus on PA Work Comp cases?

Ethics– Does the attorney have a good reputation in the legal community?

Recognition– Does the attorney have recognition by reputable organizations such as Super Lawyers and Avvo?

Certification– In Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law, starting in 2013, there is a Certification exam. Does the attorney have the “Certified Specialist” next to their name so that you know they are Certified in this ever evolving and complicated area of law? Do they dabble in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation and handle many other types or cases- or do they dedicate 100% of their practice to Workers’ Compensation?

Personality– As mentioned previously, the personality of the attorney is important. The Workers’ Compensation process can be very long- sometimes even a year or more. You may have more interaction with your attorney than some of your relatives! So making sure you get along with your attorney is important. Do they treat you with respect and return your calls and emails? Do they get too defensive when you ask questions? Do you feel they really care about you and your case?

Choosing a Pennsylvania Work Comp Attorney can feel like a daunting task. Ask your friends or neighbors who they like. Word of mouth is a great tool like any aspect of life. Don’t get fooled by firms that show up on TV and billboards all the time- just because they market a lot doesn’t mean they are handling your case with care. Choose wisely!




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