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Injured at a construction site? Call Cardamone Law for expert guidance to help you navigate through the complicated Workers’ Compensation Law. We’ll advise how and when to give notice, direct you to the best doctors in the area, and get your petitions filed promptly.

Cardamone Law is aligned with the best personal injury firms in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. We work in tandem with them to make sure that a 3rd party personal injury case is investigated properly. Many injured workers fall from scaffolding and don’t realize that while negligence isn’t relevant in the Workers’ Compensation system, it is relevant if a third party (an entity other than the Employer) is involved. Fall protection- was it adequate under the circumstances? Was it set up properly? Did a machine malfunction causing injury?

Construction accidents are often life changing. Don’t just call any firm, call Cardamone Law– Certified Pennsylvania Work Comp Specialists, to get you the best recovery possible.  We’re a small boutique with BIG results.


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Cardamone Law is available for injured workers 7 days a week. Call (215) 206-9068 (All Communications Remain Confidential) or email to reach Attorney Cardamone directly- no red tape and no nonsense. You get direct access to him when you call or email. With four offices in Philadelphia, Blue Bell, Allentown, or Lancaster, we’re well situated to meet with our clients or we’ll come directly to your residence. While other firms claim they are Workers’ Compensation Firms, Cardamone Law proves it.