Cardamone Law, LLC, a specialized Pennsylvania Work Comp boutique firm for injured workers, was retained by an injured worker months ago. The case arose from a work injury in Northeast Pennsylvania, causing several compression fractures in our client’s spine. Despite being transported to the Emergency Room, directly from work, the insurer denied the claim. Our client retained Attorney Michael Cardamone of Cardamone Law, LLC, to appeal the Denial.

Cardamone filed a Claim Petition which was assigned to a Workers’ Compensation Judge. Hearings were held, including one where Cardamone presented the Claimant’s testimony. Cardamone also took the deposition of the treating physician to meet his burden of proof.

A favorable IME report was the final piece of evidence to secure the resolution. Rather than face Unreasonable Contest fees, the insurer has agreed to accept the claim, which will be drawn up in a Stipulation to be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Judge. Claimant will be paid wage loss and medical benefits, plus applicable interest, from the injury until the present, and ongoing. The value of the case will easily exceed six figures given the extent of disability.

Injured workers need to realize that a Notice of Denial is NOT the final word. You should appeal it by hiring Cardamone Law, who will present your case in a persuasive way, to seek the benefits you deserve.

Many firms in Pennsylvania claim they’re “workers’ comp” firms, but in reality, they handle many types of cases. Not at Cardamone Law– all we do is represent injured workers- and our track record speaks for itself.


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